How to choose the power of your colored contacts?

Need a prescription to wear contact lenses? Always wanted to try our funky contact lenses? Well, our range of prescription colored contact lenses allows you to wear a huge range of awesome styles catered to your very own eye prescription.

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Found your new favourite style of colored lenses but disappointed that they’re only available as non prescription colored contacts? Well keep a look out, with the handy prescription lenses button on the product page you can be taken instantly to the product’s prescription equivalent. There, you can select from different strengths of lenses – you can even choose varying strengths for each eye!

✦✦✦✦💗How to choose your prescription💗✦✦✦✦

First you should convert the orbital frame prescription to contact lens prescription

Below 100 degrees Choose flat (0 degrees of colored lenses)

There is a conversion formula for frames and contacts: Fo=Fs/(1-dFs)

Fo - pupil prescription Fs - frame lens prescription d - distance between the frame lens and the cornea (0.012m)

If a certain degree does not correspond after conversion, you can choose the degree that is closest to the lower one, for example, 800 degrees reduced by 75 degrees is 725 degrees, there is no 725 degrees, then you should choose 700 degrees, and so on.

If there is a slight astigmatism, astigmatism is less than -1.50 below, and the ratio of myopia and astigmatism of frame glasses is greater than 4, then one half of the astigmatism can be added to the degree of optometry, and then converted to the corresponding

For example: myopia - 5.50 astigmatism - 0.75 converted to -5.25 degrees (from shallow); myopia - 4.00 astigmatism - 1.00 converted to -4.2 degrees/5 degrees

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